Exciting news will be playing at 

"The Hangout "  Orange Beach Alabama

JUNE 4                    JUNE 27

JUNE 6                     JUNE 29

JUNE 12                    JULY 2

JUNE 13                    JULY 4

JUNE 19                    JULY 23

                      JULY 25  

May starts our  

SUMMER  Shows!

Hamler Country Fest May 18th

Shanks May 19th

Upper Deck May 24th

Oak Festival of Flags May 26th

Commercial Point Homecoming 

June 8th

Private Party June 9th

Paulding Fair June 16th

Cy Young Festival June 23, Newcomerstown 7pm

Franklin Fair , Pa July 12

Firemans Festival Phiilo July 13

Newton Community Days,Newton Falls

July 14

Interstate Fair West Virginia

July 17

Shanks July 27

Freeport Firemans Festival

July 28

Upper Deck August 2

Cherry River Festival August 3

The Barn August 4

Shanks August 17

Monroe County Fair August


Settlers Festival Sept 2

Chilifest September 15

Shanks September 21

Woosterfest September 28


The Hangout

Jamboree In The HIlls After Party July 19